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Screening refers to tests and examinations designed to detect a disease, such as cancer, in people who do not have any symptoms. The best screening test for breast cancer is a mammogram, or special breast x-ray. Early detection of breast cancer leads to greater cure rates and improved survival.

Australian recommendations are to begin routine breast screening mammography at age 50, or at age 40 for women with a strong family history.

Screening mammography will identify most, but not all cancers. If you feel a lump, you should see your doctor, even if your mammogram is clear.

Breast Screen Victoria (free for all Victorian women)

Call 13 20 50 for all breast screen appointments

BreastScreen Victoria is a government funded mammography screening program in Australia for women without breast symptoms or breast problems. The Program aims to detect breast cancer early in its development when treatment can be most effective. BreastScreen Victorial also offers an assessment clinic for women who do have symptoms.

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